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Digital agency EChizh is a comprehensive development of your business

EChizh is a Ukrainian digital agency in Kyiv with teams of professionals specializing in design, mobile, and web development. We believe that the true value of work lies not only in the code and design but also in the benefits for customers.

A key mission is to guarantee the commercial success of each development, strengthening the customer’s position and reputation in the market. Realizing that a successful product requires a comprehensive approach, we also specialize in Internet marketing. Our experts in SEO, contextual advertising, and SMM work to make your brand visible and recognized. All this makes us not just an implementer, but your strategic partner in the digital world.

For many years, our digital agency has been successfully implementing projects of varying complexity both in Ukraine and abroad. Our experience covers the creation of online stores, mobile applications, online movie theaters, financial services, and much more. The main thing for us is to understand and meet the needs of our clients. Close attention to detail, deep immersion in the business environment, and market analysis allow us to achieve the best results in each project.

Briefly about the achievements of EChizh digital agency

For 10 years more than 50 global and Ukrainian companies have automated their business using our products.

1 000 000

people have downloaded our mobile applications

20 000

keywords promoted to TOP 1

1 000

visitor loads per day our sites handle

$ 1 million

monthly turnover of our clients

5 seconds

our online store’s load

Main directions of digital agency ECHIZH

Website development

We realize projects of any scale – lending, corporate sites, web services, online stores, etc. Our digital agency works only with legitimate businesses. We find a comprehensive approach to each market segment.

Mobile application development

We develop for iOS and Android platforms. We realize any requests and wishes of our clients regardless of their complexity. We provide a full cycle – from development to promotion of applications.

Web design development

We create intuitive and visually appealing interfaces for websites and applications. We optimize usability and create interactive graphic elements. Enhance existing resources to increase conversions while maintaining their functionality.

SEO/ASO promotion

We are engaged in the promotion of websites and applications, the purpose of which is to increase the visibility of your business on the Internet. You can order the services of a digital agency to speed up the work of the resource, improve the quality of content, create a quality link profile, or choose the optimal strategy for promoting a website or application.


We create and maintain a positive image of your company on social media by working on quality content, reputation management, and audience engagement, working with reviews and comments.

Contextual advertising

We set up and optimize advertising campaigns with a focus on maximizing ROI and achieving business goals. We create consumer portraits for targeted advertising and monitor budget utilization and compliance with targets. We conduct an in-depth analysis of each advertising campaign to improve its effectiveness.

Content generation

We fill your website with high-quality and optimized content, which allows us to attract and retain the attention of the target audience. We write useful texts for people, taking into account the algorithms of search robots. We create content for external placement – outreach, guest posts, and link purchases.

Technical support

We ensure the stable operation of your web resources and applications, monitor their security, and respond to any technical issues and requests in real-time. We accept user requests and eliminate malfunctions as soon as possible.

A couple of successful cases

Website development, design, and software development of an international gaming website
Black Widow
Development of an online store for international importers of smokeless tobacco products
Mira Architects
Design and website development of an interior design studio
SEO promotion of online fruit store. 12000 visits for 6 months.
The application allows you to place orders and deliver ingredients for the most delicious hot dogs.
Crypto License network
Development and SEO promotion of cryptocurrency license marketplace
Gofaizen & Sherle
Seo promotion of legal Fintech company to foreign markets
Advantages of working with us
Customized approach
In each project, we take into account the specifics of your business to create a solution that best meets all your goals and objectives.
Meeting deadlines
If you plan to order the services of our digital agency, you will get not only quality but also efficiency. We understand the value of our clients’ time and always adhere to deadlines.
Transparent reports
We provide clear and detailed reports on the work done so that you are always aware of all the stages of the project.
We value open and honest dialog. Our specialists are always on call, ready to discuss all details and make adjustments at any stage of the work.
By applying advanced technologies and methods, we ensure that your product will be relevant, functional, and competitive.
We adapt to your needs by offering flexible solutions, whether developing from scratch or refining an existing project.
Reasonable budgets
Digital agency EChizh works with any project – from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars. We choose the best option for each customer.
We provide analytics that confirms the effectiveness of our work and helps to promote your business.